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Weesp is a town located approximately 3 kilometers away from the last two metro stations (stations Gein and Gaasperplaas) in Amsterdam, however the Amsterdam-Rhine canal geographically separates Amsterdam from Weesp itself.

Weesp is situated next to the river Vecht and the smal weesp, a small canal connecting the Rhine and the Vecht.

Weesp proudly exhibits a preserved medieval town center with houses and monuments built in the 17 and 18th century, inner canals, a bastion, a town fortress and three impeccably preserved original Dutch windmills.

During 1355 Duke Willem V of Bavaria granted Weesp with city rights, with its own goverment and laws. Thanks to that, Weesp became a prosperous city.


Due to its location, during the middle ages Weesp was part of the Dutch defense line for the county of Holland and remained so until World War II.

Duration: 4-5 Hours Mileage: 30km round bike trip


The Fort aan de Ossenmarkt: A fortress built after the french siege in 1672 and was part of the old Dutch water defense line. Weesp's defense was expended to four bastions though it was never been completed.

De Vriendschap, Eendragt and Het Haantje: Weesp's famous windmills. De Vriendshcap windmill is open for public visits every saturday at 10:00-16:00 and on national holidays.

Fort bij Uitermeer: A fortress built in 1845 on a strategic location on the Vecht river and has a long history - dating back to the begining of the 80 years war. This fort is part of the new Dutch water defence line. During the spring-summer time, is it surounded by rare spring snowflake flowers. Right next to it there's a restaurant and picnic area by the river.

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