ouderkerk aan de amstel
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ouderkerk aan de amstel bike route

The bike route to Ouderkerk aan de amstel includes biking alongside the amstel canal, visiting the Rieker windmill and splashing water in Ouderkerkerplas during the summer.

1 Amsteldijk:
Begins in Amsterdam city center and leads to the town of Uithorn.

2 Amstelpark.

There are few ways to get to Ouderkerk. Here are two recommended ones:

Route 1:

3 Amsteldijk:
The easiest way. This road located on the Amstel river offers a picturesque view of quaint houses and majestic historic manors.

Wester Amstel

Route 2:

4 Kostverlorenweg:
A designated bike route along the rural landscape of Amstelveen with manicured farms, wild nature and various animals.

5 Ouderkerk a/d Amstel:
The town's entrance is embraced by the Krassenhof windmill. A famous upscale restaurants and café's located on the main street.

A quiet spot that also houses a children’s farm and playground complete with petting zoo.


6 Waver-Rondehoep:
Optional: For the real bike lovers, a 20km round bike trip that exhibits the countryside at its best alongside the Oudewaver and Amstel canal.

Waverveen: A ferry service to other side of the Amstel canal. Small fee is charged.

Nes aan de Amstel.
Optional: Enrich your journey by returning back from an alternate bike route as offered on the map.

Info page Bike Route
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