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01.08.2014: Apps page is now updated with three more apps for iphone.

31.07.2014: The Events page is updated with additional recommended events.

26.07.2014: All gobyx's bike route maps are updated now with Amsterdam Centraal station as a starting point leading to the main bike route starting points.

01.06.2014: After six months of working on an improved and much better design, is back! New pages layouts, extra bookmarks info added and new pictures.

17.09.2013: Durgerdam bike route page updated with an additional destination: Holysloot.

03.09.2013: Haarlem bike route added.

16.08.2013: Brederode castle page added. This is the second Train+bike destination. With this bike route you can now visit the ruins of the castle and add a bike trip experience to Zuid Kennemerland national park.

15.07.2013: Train plus bike destinations added to Keukenhof, and later to Brederode castle and city of Haarlem. More will come.

15.07.2013: Events page updated with new layout. From now on this page will no longer feature events but annual ones. The rest is available to explore by the official websites.

30.06.2013: New picture gallery for the Amsterdamse bos page. All pix taken at 30.06.2013!

26.06.2013: New pictures taken 25.06.2013 replaced previous ones in the galleries of Durgerdam and Marken.

18.06.2013: Picture galleries updated with new photos taken between March till June 2013 for all bike destinations.

12.06.2013: Bike rentals/tours updated with links to companies that forms tours and bike rents in Amsterdam.

06.05.2013: Flash banner removed and replaced by js gallery. Now can be viewed in apple iPhone and iPad.

08.03.2013: Edam-Volendam page added. New bike route page dedicated to Edam, the Dutch queen of cheese.

05.02.2013: New Bike anatomy and flash header. Now even the cluelest biker can get to know the common bike parts by their names. The old flash banner has been removed along with the main old header, and replaced with a new sparkling one.

30.01.2013: The Netherlands facts and figures page added. Now you can get to know some new and old facts and figures about The Netherlands.

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