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naarden-vesting bike route

The bike route to Naarden-vesting includes navigating through seven bastions, exploring a fortress town's defence and having lunch exactly where Napoleon once did.

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1 Zuiderzeeweg:
Main road directing to the north of Amsterdam.

2 Amsterdamsebruge:
A bridge with connecting staircases to both sides of the Rhine canal.

3 Diemerpark:
An enclosed recreational park area.

4 Diemerzeedijk:
A high level bike lane.

5 Diemer Vijfhoek:
A wild nature park circumventing its pentagon shaped construction boasting with diverse trees, bird species and snakes in the summer.

6 Muiden.

7 Zuidpolderweg
A road connecting Muiden and Muiderberg. Use the Hakkelaarsbrug (Hakkelaars bridge) to cross over to the other side of the canal.

Optional: Noordpolderweg
An alternate road that goes through the rural landscape surrounding Muiden and Muiderberg.

8 Naarderstraatweg:
Leads directly to Naarden-vesting.

9 Naarden-Vesting.

Naarden-vesting map

Bastions list:

  • 1. Turfpoort
  • 2. Nieuw Molen
  • 3. Oud Molen
  • 4. Katten
  • 5. Orange
  • 6. Promers
  • 7. Fort Ronduit
Info page Bike Route
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