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Naarden-Vesting is a star shaped fortress town located east of Amsterdam. The small town has six bastions, double walls and canals.

The medieval center and fortress provides free public access allowing visitors to explore the area by foot, bike and boat.

Located in the south of the medieval town, the Dutch Fortress Museum (entry fee required) provides a comprehensive and detailed look into the history of the place.
Naarden-Vesting's museum is rich with well preserved artillery, photos, models and maps.

Built in the 15th century, Naarden’s famous gothic church, Saint vitus, is seen from almost every point in town you may find yourself.
The church is located in the town's center and situated directly next to city hall - a stunning baroque style façade and cannot to be missed.


During the middle ages, the town had two gates: The Utrecht gate, which still exists and the Amsterdam gate (water gate) which has since been demolished.

Duration: 5-6 Hours Mileage: 45km round bike trip


Muiden: A welcoming medieval town with its famous landmark The Muiderslot castle. The main street, Herengracht, is packed with cozy restaurants, cafes, shops, bars and a delicous bakery.

Naarden-Vesting: The town's center is very easy to navigate through and its main landmarks are next to each other. It is more than recommended to park your bike and start exploring by foot the town's high leveled fortifications: There are many entrances by either walking paths or staircases located in the surrounding streets.

Het Nederland Vestingmusuem: Is The Dutch fortress museum and offers a detailed history with models, maps, artillery and a unique view over the town. It is recommended to check the museum agenda for special events and activities.

Info page Bike Route
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