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The bike route to Muiderslot castle includes walking through the nature of Diemer vijfhoek, making peace (or war?) in the Westbatterij and going on a hidden treasures quest.

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1 Zuiderzeeweg:
Main road directing to the north of Amsterdam.

2 Amsterdamsebruge:
A bridge with connecting staircases to both sides of the Rhine canal.

3 Diemerpark:
An enclosed recreational park area (rabbits allert!).

4 Diemerzeedijk:
A high level bike lane.

5 Diemer Vijfhoek:
A wild nature park with multiple walking paths circumventing its pentagon shaped construction boasting with diverse trees, various bird species and snakes in the summer.

6 The Westbatterij (Vesting Muiden).

7 Muiden:
A welcoming medieval town. The main street, Herengracht, is full of restaurants, cafes, shops, bars and a delicious bakery.

Fort pampus.

8 Muiderslot castle:
A Muiderslot app for iPhone is availble for download.

Info page Bike Route
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