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Situated along the rivers Vecht and Zuiderzee (South sea), Muiderslot, a fairy tale look-a-like castle is located in the town of Muiden which was founded in 953.

As the saying goes, ‘looking good for your age’ is an understatement when speaking of Muiderslot.

Its first stone was laid on 1280 by the Count of Holland – Floris V who was merely 12 years old when Holland was turned over to him for his sole administration. He is remembered as the “god of the peasants”, thanks to his mostly peaceful and beneficial trade regime.

The river Vecht was once the main route for trading goods between Muiden and Utrecht, whereas Muiderslot enforced a toll on traders.

Near the end of 18th century, Muiderslot was utilized primarily as a prison and consequently neglected for years.


It was first offered for sale and then later for destruction. King William the 1st prevented this drastic move. After 70 years of raising and saving money, the castle was restored to its original beauty and returned its once lost glory.

Duration: 3-4 Hours Mileage: 25km round bike trip


Muiderslot: Muiderslot castle offers both a guided and self directed tour to learn more about this historic site. It is also features many events during the year especially for children, such as treasure search, costumes, picnic days, shows and more.

The Westbatterij (Vesting Muiden): This spherical style fortress is common in the Netherlands and can be found in many places around the Old Dutch water defense line. The IJmeer lake is next to it and offers a recreationally area for swimming, sun bathing and simply having a day out. The locals in this area are very proud of the beauty that the Westbatterij boasts and to contribute they maintain flower and vegetable gardens to enhance the picturesque surroundings.

Fort Pampus: Fort Pampus is an artificially fortified island built in 1887. The island was built with a lighthouse atop Durgerdam in order to protect Amsterdam from invasion through the IJbay.

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