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monnickendam bike route

The bike route to Monnickendam includes visiting Zunderdorp, climbing and listening to the oldest Dutch carillion and exploring the national heritage buildings of the old town.

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1 Zuiderzeeweg:
Main road directing to the north of Amsterdam.

2 Amsterdamsebruge:
High rising bridge with connecting staircases to both sides of the Amsterdam-Rhine canal.

3 Schellingwoudebrug:
High rising bridge connecting Amsterdam and Amsterdam Noord (North).

4 Liergouw:
A strip of road leading directly to Ransdorp.

5 Zwartegouw:
A bike lane located between a residential recreational area and rural/farming landscape.

6 Zunderdorp:
A small village with a welcoming white gate-bridged entrance. It has a gorgeous church and surprisingly beautiful spots to discover around every corner.

7 Broekergouw.

8 Broek in waterland:
The entrance to Broek in Waterland consists of one old white gate and then a tunnel that goes under the highway. The town's main street leads to the Havenrak lake and the town church.

9 Jaagweg:
A road connecting between Broek in waterland and Monnickendam.

De grote kerk (The big church) is located right in the town’s entrance. De Speeltoren museum offers a close look at the oldest Dutch Carillion. The harbor boasts various classic restaurants, bars and cafes.

A small village located right above Monnickendam and includes a cheese farm with lots of charm. The farm's employees are all dressed up in traditional Dutch clothes and hosts a workshop of how the cheese is made.

Info page Bike Route
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