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The historically rich and beautifully conserved medieval city of Monnickendam is located in the Gouwzee (water area between Marken and the Waterland district), just north of Amsterdam.

The city is divided by the Zuidervesting path into two distinct parts: The newly developed part (South) and the old medieval city (North). The Vestinggracht (The fortress canal) exhibits artillery bombards.

Monnickendam has many historical houses from the 17 and 18th century.
The city panorama is decorated with the majestic De Speeltoren (clock tower) that is still playing the oldest Carillion in the Netherlands.

The smell of smoked fish will rouse your senses immediately upon arrival to the harbor. Monnickendam was known for its smokehouses in ancient times and the legacy lives on still today.


Thanks to the harbor’s location on the Purmer Ee river, large trading ships pass by on a daily basis.

Duration: 4-5 Hours Mileage: 35km round bike trip


The speltoren: A clockhouse museum open to the public and offers a close look at the town's history with many impressive models of ships as well as climbing the tower and discovering the oldest Dutch Carillion from up close.

Vlootdag Monnickendam: Monnickendam's annual pride, the Vlootdag - is the opening event for watersports in the Netherlands and held in the spring. It consist of big happening, old ships exhibition, free sailing and more.

Hemmeland: A magnificent recreation forest that sits on a peninsula north east to Monnickendam. It is a great place to bike, have a picnic, swim, rent a boat and camping. Its northern spot, gives a stunning view over Katwoude as Marken and Volendam are clearly visible from afar as well.

Info page Bike Route
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