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Marken was an island until 1957 when it was connected to the mainland by a dike road.

Thanks to this road which gave easy access to settlers, the number of houses and inhabitants grew exponentially.

The first settlers of Marken were monks back in the 13th century where the Kerkbuurt area is situated.
Their main living was based on farming and animal husbandry. Later on, fishing increasingly became a main source of living which consequently attracted even more settlers to Marken.

In order to improve trade with Amsterdam, King William I built the Goudarian channel.
This channel was never completed due to extremley high costs, demolished and filled in over the years.


Colorful costumes were part of the inhabitants back then, which you can still see nowadays on special events such as King’s Day.

Marken’s harbor is the town’s main spot for bars, shops, restaurants and fast food kiosks. There is also an hourly ferry service that connects Marken and Volendam.

Duration: 6-8 Hours Mileage: 40km round bike trip


Paard van Marken: is a lighthouse built in 1839. The tower is owned by private inhabitants and is also a national monument. On its entrance lies a picnic area with tables and chairs and a small strip of beach for swimming. In the wild winter, you can witness the unforgettable view of the frozen lake and its broken ice pieces piles on top of each other.

Wandelroute rond over the dijk: A pedestrian path that will give you access to Marken's 'coast' line as it circles the island, including the lighthouse.

Zuiderwoude: The oldest Dutch village of Waterland district and a national heritage monument. Its name originated from the swamp and forests dated around the year 1000. This lovely rather small sized village is a magical spot to have a picnic surrounded by peaceful landscape.

Info page Bike Route
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