keukenhof & the tulips fields
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keukenhof bike route

The bike route to The Keunkehof gardens includes an exciting walk in the biggest garden in the world and watching how the ground wears the most colorful costume of all.

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1 Haarlem:
The journey to the Keukenhof and Tulips fields will start in the lovely city of Haarlem, which has an impressive historical town center with baroque style buildings and churches.

2 Leidsevaart:
A street next to the Leidsevaart canal (Leidnen's pull-canal), one of the oldest canals in The Netherlands, dated from 1657. This canal runs through or border with 9 different municipalities.

3 Margrietenlaan:
A short strip of road located on the border of the two districts of North and South Holland.

4 1e Loosterweg.

5 2e Loosterweg:

6 3e Loosterweg:
The 3id and last part of the strip road, where Tulips fields can already be seen in the area next to it.

7 Veenenburgerlaan:
A road going south towards the Keukenhof and is surrounded by Tulips fields in every direction. Please take in consideration that these are private areas; Respect its owners by not trespassing.

8 Stationweg:
The last part of the journey brings directly to the Keukenhof garden's entrance.

Kasteel Keukenhof:
The castle has its own opening hours and days and also the gardens and other special ocations. Please check the opening hours and prices prior to your visit.

Keukenhof gardens:
The Keukenhof gardens are open between 20 March till 17 May 2015. Please check opening hours and prices prior to your visit.

9 Orangerie Elswout.

Info page Bike Route
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