keukenhof & the tulips fields
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keukenhof & tulips fields

The garden of Europe, known as The Keukenhof (Kitchen garden) is the largest flower garden in the world and is located south to the city of Haarlem, next to the town of Lisse.

The garden itself used to provide herbs for the kitchen of the Keukenhof castle.

In the 19th century, the barons Van Pallandt assigned the task to design the landscape around the castle by Jan david zocher and his son.

The idea behind establishing the colorful garden was to present flowers from Europe and The Netherlands in one place, with emphasis on promoting the Dutch flower export industry.

The Keukenhof garden is open for visitors annually during mid-March till-mide May, which is the highest season for flower blooming.


It is unknown who brought the Tulips to western Europe and although the Tulips flowers are associated with The Nehterlands, the cultivation of this particular flower already began in the Ottoman empire.

Duration: 4-6 Hours. Mileage: 30km round bike trip.


Kasteel Keukenhof: The Keukenhof castle is located right next to the Keukenhof garden and has a designated entrance. Its construction began in 1641 and changed owners during the years. The famous ones were the Barrons Pallandt, who came up with the idea behind the Keukenhof garden. The castle holds an impressive collection of furniture and paintings and still maintain its original state. After two years of restoration, it was re-opened for public during 2012.

Orangerie Elswout: Is an historical summer mansion built in 19th century and located in Overveen next to Haarlem. The mansion is surrounded by a beautiful garden with protected follies and stables. The park is open for public and the mansion is a fancy restaurant offering to rent it for sparkling events such as weddings and private parties.

This bike route includes a combination of train+bike trip.

Info page Bike Route
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