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Edam is a city located northeast to Amsterdam. It was founded in 1230 and forms a shared municipality of Edam-Volendam.

Its name originated from a dam located in the town center on the river E (IJe); which was the first area of the settlement, hence the name Edam.

Shipbuilding and fishing brought prosperity to the town.
During the 15th and 16th centuries, Edam has been given rights from the current count of Holland back then.
These rights gave Edam the ability to build a harbor and trade locally and internationally.

A main milestone of Edam’s economical growth to make it world famous was the cheese market which now-a-days is being held during July-August as a day market every Wednesday and an evening one every Saturday.


Volendam is very popular amongst tourists, thanks to the old preserved harbor – its main attraction. Visitors can have a close look on the old traditional fishermen houses and boats, shops, cafes and take the ferry to Marken.

Duration: 5-6 Hours. Mileage: 45km round bike trip.


Edam: Crossing the tunnel will bring you to one of Edam’s entrances to the old town. Following the Lingerzijde street will lead you to the historical town center with the famous Damplein and cityhall. From there on, it is easy to get around and bike through the small streets.

Volendam: The museum of Volendam exhibits the history of the area from the 19th century and shows how people used to work and live back then through paintings, pictures, sculptures and more.

Katwoude: Is a small village located right above Monnickendam and includes a cheese farm with lots of charm. The farm's employees are all dressed up in traditional Dutch clothes and hosts a workshop of how the cheese is made.

Info page Bike Route
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