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Only a few kilometers north east of Amsterdam is Durgerdam (originally used to be called Ydoomickerdam), a beautifully preserved and protected men’s fishing village offering an immense amount of charm and atmosphere.

This village has but one main street name Durgerdammerdijk, which begins alongside the freeway Ringweg in Amsterdam and is situated on a green farmer’s landscape to the west and IJmeer lake to the east.

Until the big flood of 1421 (St. Elisabeth’s flood), Durgerdam’s main economy was based on the shipping trade.
After the closure to the north sea in the 18th century, this prosperous era came to a halt.

Durgerdam gives one the feeling of being in an isolated village with a variety of old Dutch traditional rooftops and colorful private landscapes.


You can’t miss the historical protestant church building with the bell tower known as ‘the chapel’ built in 1687, once used as a school and later a town hall.
Ransdorp is Durgerdam's lovely neighbor, which is known for its gothic style 32 meter high church tower, built in 1502.

Duration: 2-3 Hours Mileage: 15km round bike trip


The lighthouse island (Vuurtoreneiland): Lighthouse island is located on the IJmeer lake, south of Durgerdam’s yacht harbor. Unfortunately there is neither a bike roadway nor a pedestrian path which makes it almost impossible to get a close view of the island from land.

Eat in the nature: A summer restaurant is held on the lighthouse island between July to September, in a temporary glasshouse. Food is made by chefs. The only way to get there is by boat with an advanced reservation.

Holysloot: Founded on 13th century and shared monicipality with Ransdorp, Holysloot is kind of a 'dead end' village: Both sides of its main street are either blocked or continues as a ferry to the other side of the Holyslooter die lake.

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