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broek in waterland bike route

The bike route to Broek in Waterland includes embracing the country side next to broekergouw and be impressed by the town's manicured lawns and unique architechture.

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1 Zuiderzeeweg:
Main road directing to the north of Amsterdam.

2 Amsterdamsebruge:
High rising bridge with connecting staircases to both sides of the Amsterdam-Rhine canal.

3 Schellingwoudebrug:
High rising bridge connecting to Amsterdam Noord (North).

4 Liergouw:
A road leading directly to Ransdorp.

5 Zwartegouw:
A designated bike lane located between a residential recreation area and a rural farm landscape. It continues to the Waterland golf course.

6 Zunderdorp.

7 Broekergouw:
A zigzag shaped road leading to broek in waterland.

8 Broek in Waterland:
The entrance consists of a historic white gate bridge and then a tunnel that goes under the highway. The town’s main street follows through Het Havenrak lake and the town church.

Volgermeer polder:
From a polluted area to a recreation one. Great for either biking, walking and having a picnic.

9 Broekermeerdijk:
Heading to the village of Watergang. Can also use as an alternate returning way to the starting point.

10 Kanaaldijk road.

11 Watergang.

12 Ilpendam.

Biking to Watergang and ilpendam will add aprox 20km.

Info page Bike Route
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