broek in waterland
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broek in waterland

Broek in Waterland is a small town north to Amsterdam and was famous during the 17th and 18th century by book travelers as the town of cleanliness – and yes, they still can describe it as one!

Most of the houses were built before 1850 with a unique architecture style.

During the years following original construction, many house interiors were divided to allow families to expand due to limited housing development.

The church of Broek in waterland was built before 1400 and was completely razed during the eighty years war.
It was restored over the years, but in 1989, an outstanding discovery occurred when the original ceiling frescoes were revealed under the old paint layers.


With small, clean and tidy streets, historical houses, colorful lawns, a quaint church and picturesque lake (Het Havenrak) – Broek in Waterland is a package deal worth visiting by bike!

Duration: 3-4 Hours. Mileage: 25km round bike trip.


Zunderdorp: Zunderdorp (Formerly known as Sundeldorp) is a small village, surrounded by wide green landscape and that is entered through a gleaming white gate bridge. It has a church worth visiting and surprisingly beautiful spots all over to discover.

Volgermeer polder: The Volgermeer polder is a recreational park/nature area which used to be the most polluted area in The Netherlands. After remedation actions, it became accessible to the public.

Watergang and Ilpendam: Both small villages situated on the main canal, constructed around 1850, that used to connect Amsterdam and the city of Purmerend. With small bridges, preserved churches, old traditional town center and relativley close to broek in waterland, these two would be a great addition.

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