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ruïne van brederode bike route

The bike route to Ruïne van Brederode castle includes girding your loins in the first Dutch monument, having up's n' down's in Kennemerland and drinking high tea in a royal estate.

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1 Haarlem:
The journey to Ruïne van Brederode will start in the lovely city of Haarlem, which has an impressive historical town center with baroque style buildings and churches.

2 Verspronckweg:
As leaving Haarlem centraal from its north exit (back exit, next to Albert Heijn supermarket), turn to the left and head to Verspronckweg.

3 Kleverlaan:
A traffic circle and crossing a highway to the other side, towrds Bloemendaal.

4 Bloemendaalsweg:
Just like its name, this way goes through a beautiful urban living area in the town of Bloemendaal - The wealthiest area in The Netherlands.

5 Mollan:
A short street.

6 Brederodelaan:
A street heading north, towards the castle and is surrounded by trees and impressive mansions and houses.

7 Velserenderllaan:
The last strip of road leading to Brederode castle.

Brederode castle.

8 Zuid Kennemerland national park.

Duin en Kruidberg.

The castle is open for visitors from 1st of March till 1st November 2016.

Info page Bike Route
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