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ruïne van brederode

The Ruins of Brederode castle (AKA: Heerlijkheid Brederode) are located northwest to Haarlem, in the area of Santpoort Zuid (south).

The castle’s name (Brederode – wide wood) originated from the wooded area in which the castle was built on.
Its construction began in the 13th century, around 1282 by Willem van Brederode, completed after 10 years and consisted of a square keep, three square and one rounded towers.

The castle was faithful to Margaret of Bavaria and during 13th to 15th centuries was besieged several times; as a result it was demolished and restored.

In the following years the ruins were deserted and slowly buried under the sand by the dunes.


In late 1980’s the ruins were excavated and researched and became the first Dutch national monument. During 2012 the castle was under restoration and is now open for public visits.

The castle also maintain a brewery and as of May 2014 is serving its own made beer.

Duration: 2-3 Hours. Mileage: 15km round bike trip.


Ruïne van Brederode: The castle is open every Wednesday or special occasions/events and offers lots of activities. Checking its agenda is advised before visiting.
The castle is closed from 2nd of November till 1st of March 2015.

Zuid Kennemerland: Visiting Brederode castle is a great opportunity to visit another biker's heaven; A national park located partly on the dunes - So expect a lot of up's and down's! The west part is a giant forest, and the east one is covered by sand dunes, lakes and access to the beach.

Duin en Kruidberg: A beautiful Hotel and restaurant with a surrounding park, just 'around the corner' of Brederode castle. The name derived from merging two estates: Duin and Kruidberg. In 1682 it was bought by King William III and was known as "Prinsenbosch" (The prince's forest).

This bike route includes a combination of train+bike trip.

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