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amsterdamse bos bike route

The bike route to the Amsterdamse bos includes lots of fun stuff: biking, swimming, canoeing and camping or just relaxing under a tree with an ipad (or old fashioned book).

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1 Amsteldijk:
Begins in Amsterdam city center and leads to the town of Uithorn.

2 Amstelpark.

3 Kalfjeslaan:
Starts as a road from the Amstel and transforms into a wide bike lane.
This route is scattered with trees on both sides and leads directly to the Bos.

The center of the path is blocked by tram/metro lines and is easily bypassed by using the alternate road provided in the map

4 Amsterdamse bos:
The Amsterdamse bos is full of fun stuff such as children's swimming pool, children's goat farm, a climbing park, canoes and pedal boats, sport stadiums, horse riding, camping.

For the naturist amongst us, there's also a nudist area (De Zonneweide) - a large grassy sun-filled area with tall trees surrounding all sides of this peaceful field with frolicking naked bodies (for both men and women).


Click here for a detailed map of the Amsterdamse bos with icons on each location.

Every road in the forrest has a clear direction signs containing valuable information, such as your current location and mileage to other locations for worries-free biking.

Info page Bike Route
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