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The Amsterdamse Bos (Forest) of Amsterdam is a great (if not the greatest) place for biking with around 50km of bike lanes!

The manmade forest is situated between Schiphol airport and Amstelveen. Although it is very close to the city, this area gives one the feeling of being surround by a wild forest in the middle of nowhere.

The Bos is an artificial forest, its construction starting in 1934. It’s sole purpose was intended to extend the recreational area of Amsterdam. That year there was vast unemployment in The Netherlands.

The construction of this forest provided employment to many people. Jewish people were forced to work and then deported during WWII.
In rememberance, there is a Dachau memorial located in the Bosbaanweg and other locations.


The completion of the forest construction was in 1964 and is offering many recreational activities for every age.

Duration: 2-4 Hours Mileage: 20km round bike trip


Amstelpark: Is A pedestrian park with a famous monument: The Rieker Molen – A preserved windmill. The park consists of Labyrinth, café, restaurant, galleries and animal petting areas.

Amsterdamse bos: The Amsterdamse bos has many entrances but the main one has a visitor's center. Feel free to explore the forest and don't be afraid to get lost! The forest has many directional signs which ensure a safe return out of this hidden gem. If you are not planning to stay overnight and camp, leaving before sunset is recommended (no road lights.)

Bovenkerk: On the south point of the bos, you can find Bovenkerk, a village located inside of Amstelveen. Its main street consists of traditional Dutch rooftop with impeccably manicured private lawns. Behind the long row of houses is a hidden pedestrian path that follows alongside De Poel lake, boasting an impressive view of the church and the lake together.

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