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Welcome to and to The Netherlands! (in case you're visiting) - The best country in the world for biking. For those whose adventerous and daring out there, you're about to discover the most amazing places around Amsterdam. Let's go biking!

Go and Bikes joined together with the letter "Y" to form since 2012. The idea behind this website is naturally passion to bicycle and biking, which brings so much pleasure to the body and peace of mind; Biking is freedom, gobyx is a free website and ads free! and you know what they say: "The best things in life are always free"..

What makes biking more exciting is choosing an interesting place to bike to! The city of Amsterdam is surrounded by medieval and agriculture villages and towns, gorgeous green landscapes, exquisite nature, and picturesque bodies of water; knowing where and how to find them is the key. gobyx brings but a few of these poignant points of interest into the spotlight and is constantly evolving with new bike routes and features. One of them is biking beyond Amsterdam's area by combination of train and bike, as more of those are to be expected!

The flat surface of The Netherlands makes it easier for cyclists to ride and provides a feeling of escape to far off places, which in reality are much closer than one may think. Biking yourself treasures the joy and the advantages of choosing your own bike route, points of interests and how far to go.

The routes provided are recommended by gobyx based on convenience, sights and safety. These routes are planned to avoid traffic lights and busy roads as much as possible and have been utilized countless of times for daily bike trips.
Amsterdam Centraal is the starting point thanks to it's great location and the easiest point to start off with.

As travellers, we are all planning our day the way we choose, add or remove a destination, change the route as we go.. This is what gobyx is all about: Be your own guide – and ride!

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