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about gobyx

Gobyx (pronounced ‘go-bikes’, with a twist), is a free-to-use website with informative suggestions on bike routes around Amsterdam for YOU- the daring and adventurous visitor who desires to discover more!

The idea behind Gobyx is an endless love to bike! Biking brings pleasure to the body and peace to the mind. A combination of these along with the fresh ingredients of the countryside is a total triumph.

The city of Amsterdam is surrounded by medieval and agriculture villages and towns, gorgeous green landscapes, exquisite nature, and picturesque bodies of water. Gobyx brings but a few of these poignant points of interest into the spotlight.

The Netherlands is one of the best countries in the world to cycle as there are bike routes to be found almost everywhere. Knowing where and how to find them is the key! The flat surface of The Netherlands makes it easier for cyclists to ride and provides a feeling of escape to far off places, which in reality are much closer than one may think!

Guided bike tours are always a worries-free option, but the challenge of biking yourself treasures the joy and the advantages of choosing:

Where to go What to see When to stop..

All routes provided on the maps are recommended by Gobyx.nl based on convenience, views and/or sights, safety (less traffic lights, tendencies for cars crossing, busy roads, etc.) and have been utilized countless times for daily bike trips. Each bike route map has a chosen starting point. by clicking on the bigger view map, you can add your current location and this will be connected to the starting point. This is the easiest way for everyone from every part of the city to use Gobyx's bike routes.

As travellers, we are all free to plan our day the way we want, add or remove destination, change the route as we go.. This is what Gobyx.nl is all about: Be your own guide – and ride!

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Gobyx.nl: Web Design, Programming, Content and Photography by Ben Nils Stronghold.

Contact: gobyx@yahoo.com

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